About railways and photography
Photography and railways were invented in the nineteenth century, they had helped us to transform our perception of space and time, the knowledge of the world, the others and ourselves.
The presence of trains and its structures, what meets around, the atmosphere that involves the places, is what puts into motion this photoblog.

About the authors

José Chambel Cardoso (*1958, Lisbon, Portugal) and José Manuel Antunes (*1953, Moscavide, Portugal) live and work in Lisbon, Portugal.
J. Chambel C. is the author of the book “Vale dos Cucos”, a photographic essay about some portuguese hot springs.
J. M. Antunes is co-author of the books “Light Carriers 2000”, “Light Carriers 2004” and “Light Carriers 2008”, portraits of the athletes that formed the Portuguese Paralympic Team. He is the author of the book “fleeting glimpses”, a fictional train journey.